Painting ceilings are terrible.

Hello, again. It is a beautiful Florida day. It is about 70 degrees outside. The sunshine is peaking through the trees and is accompanied by the most picturesque blue sky. That’s the good thing about Florida. It always has perfect weather around this time of year. This is the weather I imagine Northerns think we have all year around: laying in a hammock between two palm trees with a pina colada in hand. Maybe, that’s not what people who live up North actually think of Floridans. Maybe, that’s just a subconscious picture of how I would love my life to look like right now. Weather like this is really nice when you are so stressed and busy. I think that drinking a pina colada in a hammock would be a great way to distract myself from the fact that my house is absolute chaos. We currently have painters finishing up their job here today. Light neutral gray is the color that my in-laws decided on. It really is a beautiful color. At least the painters are amazing and super friendly. It always makes a big job like this more tolerable. 

That’s been the theme of the past year for us. I’ve learned too much about dry wall, painting, screw placements, and woodworking techniques. We have been living at my in-laws house for a year, remodeling the house to be sell ready. They moved up to Washington State to take care of family. So, we decided to take on the challenge of remodeling it for them. It has been a full time job in itself. We would work full time at our normal jobs and then work on the house every time we were home. I will say that I have really surprised myself. At first I had doubted my ability to help with the remodel, but, over time I was just as instrumental in getting all the jobs finished. We started the year out with a master bathroom remodel. We completely gutted the original bathroom. It is always really cool to see Alec’s work take off. You may learn from following us over this period of time, that Alec is master of many different skills. He is good at anything he puts his hands on. Alec completely built out the entire framework of the bathroom. I would say that the master bathroom section of this house remodel was the most difficult. We moved all of our stuff out of the master bedroom and slept in other areas of the house while we were working on it. It was also difficult dealing with the workers we had in the house. I can’t really complain because we both are very satisfied with the results of the new bathroom.

We went from the master bathroom remodel to removing/texturing/painting all the ceilings in the house. Keep in mind, this house is a two story house with 4 rooms, 3 bathrooms, and a living room. It was a lot of surface area. I will say that I was extremely thankful that we had a good company remove the popcorn and texturize all the ceilings. We just had to paint them. I don’t know if you have ever painted a ceiling, but, it is the biggest pain in the arse. Let’s just say that I didn’t have the time of my life painting them. With that being said, I did surprise myself. I was able to successfully paint all four bedrooms upstairs completely alone. That’s right. All three coats of ceiling paint on all four rooms was done by yours truly. I put on some Father John Misty and went to town with my paint roller. It’s interesting how much skill and knowledge you can get when you are frustrated with a remodeling job. That’s what I kept telling myself while I was cursing the paint roller. Getting frustrated with an inanimate object is absolutely ridiculous and I found myself laughing at how dumb I sounded. 

During the ceiling painting process, we slept with our mattress downstairs on the floor in the living room. That was an odd time to bring people over. “Hey…so you wanna come hang out at our house and try to avoid the king sized mattress on the way to the couch? Okay, cool!” It was always a fun conversation starter. I never seemed to get used to sleeping on the floor. I would wake up almost nightly not really knowing where I was. Thankfully that only lasted for a month. After the bathroom and ceilings were completed, we were able to move our stuff back into the master bedroom and actually enjoy the room. I was extremely thankful that the job, with the addition of little jobs here and there, was completed. I was just emotionally, mentally, and physically done with the remodel. It was finally our time for rest. We learned a lot as a couple during that remodel. Being our first year married, we really relied on God to teach us patience, kindness, grace, and forgiveness throughout it all. I am very lucky that Alec is the nicest human being. Even irritated, he would ask me how he could help me. I really, really got a good one. 

The finishing touches are now being done. The walls throughout the entire house just got a face lift with some fresh paint. The stager is incorporating some blue, nautical accents around the house to go with the new neutral, gray paint color. Alec and I have spent days organizing the stuff within the house, selling things at our garage sale, cleaning the house, and making it sell ready. The goal is to put the house on the market in early February. It is a bittersweet moment for me. I am finally able to step back and see all the hard work that we put into the house. A full year of sweat, tears, frustrations, excitements, and exhaustion all poured before me as a completed and beautiful home. This is the home that was always open to anyone. My in-laws made it that way. It was the place that people gathered, had fellowship, and enjoyed each other. It is a house full of love and respect and beauty. We both learned a lot about ourselves, together and separately, within the walls of this house. I am thankful. Pictures will be taken, the house will go on the market, and people will start filtering in and out of the house. It might get interesting trying to pack up the house, organize the RV, and have the house being shown within the next month. We will get there. Thats what I keep telling myself. “We will get there.” So that brings us to now. Leaving with pride knowing we completed the task we started with, we can finally enjoy the beginning of our new adventure. We only have one month left in this house and we are anxious to leave for our new travels. Counting down from one month!

Brenchley Travels

What Have We Done?

And that’s it. We have officially quit our adult jobs. This adventure just got serious and everyone now knows. Our departure date is getting closer and all I can think is ,“ How did we get here?”

We are Brenchley Travels, everyone. My name is Natalie Brenchley and you will soon see that my handsome and bearded husband is named Alec Brenchley. We have no children of our own, but, he insists on making “dad styled” jokes. You will soon learn that from his filming. That’s his thing. He loves to film and document our adventures. The good and the bad. The moments where I am looking like a badass climbing a mountain to the moments where I’m accidentally getting smacked in the face by a tree branch. You will soon see it all, from all angles. As for me, I love to write and journal. So you will be seeing this adventure from eyes, through my words.

We are doing something crazy. We are doing something that has made me question myself. “Should we risk everything and do this?” I’m not going to lie. I have had some anxiety from this upcoming adventure. I didn’t have anxiety because it was bad, just because it was different. I have always had structure in my life. This is uncertain. This is risky. We have decided to buy a RV, sell everything, quit our amazing adult jobs, and go travel the United States. I mean, why the heck not? We are young, healthy, able adults. We have no children, no real property, and no real hangs ups in life. Now or never.

You may be wondering how two equally amazing individuals met…so I will tell you. We both were born and raised 5 miles from each other in Florida. We met over ten years ago through church and became friends. Life will be life and after high school, we didn’t really know each other anymore. Three years ago, we found each other again. To say that we were inseparable would be an understatement. We both discovered that we loved to go on adventures and that was the beginning of the rest of our lives together. We clicked and understood each other. Our passions for exploration and travel, our desires to experience different cultures and meet new people, seemed to fit each other perfectly. We would always go and find new places within Florida and always try to find an excuse to see another state. That love for adventure, our love for God, and the love for each other landed us a marriage in October 2017. And now in 2019, that same passion for the unknown has landed us this opportunity.

Okay, I’m done with the boring stuff. We met, we fell in love, got married, and now here we are. You may learn from reading and watching us, that my husband is a bit of a salesman. He gets this expression on his face and I know exactly where he is going with it. I call it his “shit eating grin”. You could say that he got that same facial expression on his face when it came to this trip. When we first started dating, we were coming home from a weekend trip away. He looked at me and gave me that big grin. “Let’s do this on a bigger scale. One day, lets get a RV and go travel around America.” Not really sure if it would actually go anywhere, I agreed. That’s where this dream started. Alec and his big, crazy ideas. A week later, we had a shared bank account and have been saving everything since. Money from selling our belongings, electrical jobs, wedding money, gift money, work money….all into savings. We wanted enough money to travel, enough money to settle down afterwards, and enough money to get myself a new car. Our plans is go see the beauty of America and also visit places we are interested in settling down in. And now years later, I’m here sitting down at my favorite coffee shop writing this. We are only weeks away from leaving Florida to go experience a dream we had years ago. It is crazy how life works sometimes.

This is our new baby, Callie the Caravan.

Alec wanted to name the RV Calico. We settled for Callie for short. Marriage is all about compromise after all. We got very lucky with this purchase. Aerolite RV, 21 feet long, with two slide outs of both sides of the RV. It came with new tires, a new tv, and a new battery. Because of the two slide outs, we have a good amount of space. It even comes with an island sink/storage area. Yes, I know what you’re thinking. I’m sure that we will get sick of each other in such a small space. That’s the risk that we we are willing to take. Best friends can get annoyed with each other sometimes too, you guys. I’m sure some sort of RV tour will be coming soon, courtesy of Alec.

March 1, we are setting out on our big adventure. We are about a month away and it still doesn’t seem real. So, this is the beginning. These are my thoughts before we leave. 2019 should be an amazing year of growth and challenge. Here we go.

Welcome to our blog,

Brenchley Travels

Natalie and Alec Brenchley.