We got my parents to camp.

You know what’s a strange feeling. Trying to find kitchenware that will fold down and provide more space for other items. Organizing to live in a RV is fun. Thank God for Amazon Prime. Can we just talk about how busy we are for a second? I mean lets be real. I would already complain about the amount of crazy we have on our shoulders without asking that question. WE ARE BUSY. In the last two weeks, my in-laws house went on the market. I backed out of our driveway to be welcomed by the new “for sale” sign at the end of our lawn. This house can’t really be for sale? Seems like a dream. The new gray paint really pops in the pictures online. They even took the time to edit a fake fire in the fireplace. It’s the simple edits to pictures that get people. Having this house go up on the market was definitely a relieve for Alec and I. All of the weeks, days, and hours of preparing this house to go on the market finally paid off while I looked at those pictures. Thank the Lord himself. There has been three house showings since then. They are busy filtering people in and out. That means that we are mopping every 3 days, making our moving boxes look less chaotic, and finding a place to go to while people are here. It will be over soon.

Alec and I have finally had some time to concentrate on the trip itself. We started to purchase containers for organizing, figured out what items we were going to bring and what we were going to store, and did some finishing touches with installations in the RV. I won’t lie. We have been working at the speed of a slug this week. Between work and this house, we finally got hit with the inevitable sinus congestion. Head pressure, running noses, and ringing ears was the theme for a few good days. Always a fun time to have the voice a man. Thankfully, we were able to work through it and have it pass quickly. Now that my strength is back, I can start packing up the kitchen. It’s always a funny thing when you pack up to move. You find things that you never use and get annoyed that you never used them. Like a beautiful ceramic dish to cook in. So many wasted casseroles could have been baked in that thing. They will now have to wait until we settle down in our new state, in our new home. To answer questions without being asked, we are going to store things here in Florida. We are packing up items like random kitchenware, our bed frame, handmade tables/cabinets and storing them in Alec’s work trailer here in Florida. My wonderful, wonderful coworker offered to have us store it on his few acres of land. If you happen to be him and are reading this blog post, you truly are an amazing human being. Thank you. 

In between cleaning, packing, routing, working, and organizing, we are trying to hang out with friends and family before we leave. I’m still in disbelief that we are moving out of Florida in just a few short weeks. The place that we both were born and raised. What a amazing time of our lives. We decided to spend some time with family and friends at Fort Desoto Park for a weekend. If you are in the St. Pete, Florida area, this is a must see park. Beautiful beaches, nice camping spaces, and friendly people. Alec and some guy friends had the campground on Friday night. Saturday night, we had the pleasure of having my parents camp with us.

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That was one of my top three things that I really wanted to do before we left. I wanted them to experience Callie the Caravan. I was a little anxious going into this night because my parents aren’t big campers. The night would not have gone any better. We had an absolutely beautiful camp space on the water, quiet neighbors, and a good breeze.

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It really was exactly how I pictured the night would go. No problems and no rain. My parents slept in Callie while Alec and I slept in our CVT rooftop car tent. To my surprise, they slept decently and really enjoyed the RV living style. It was just a great time.

During the weekend, we both made a lot of mental notes on how we were going to organize Callie. It’s getting to that point in this trip where we will have to start transferring our stuff into the RV to take off. That blog post will come soon, I’m sure. I have a lot of topic specific blog posts in the works. You may be wondering about our route. Yes, we have a route. I just haven’t sat down to write about it yet. Keep your eyes out because that definitely is on its way. 

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