What Have We Done?

And that’s it. We have officially quit our adult jobs. This adventure just got serious and everyone now knows. Our departure date is getting closer and all I can think is ,“ How did we get here?”

We are Brenchley Travels, everyone. My name is Natalie Brenchley and you will soon see that my handsome and bearded husband is named Alec Brenchley. We have no children of our own, but, he insists on making “dad styled” jokes. You will soon learn that from his filming. That’s his thing. He loves to film and document our adventures. The good and the bad. The moments where I am looking like a badass climbing a mountain to the moments where I’m accidentally getting smacked in the face by a tree branch. You will soon see it all, from all angles. As for me, I love to write and journal. So you will be seeing this adventure from eyes, through my words.

We are doing something crazy. We are doing something that has made me question myself. “Should we risk everything and do this?” I’m not going to lie. I have had some anxiety from this upcoming adventure. I didn’t have anxiety because it was bad, just because it was different. I have always had structure in my life. This is uncertain. This is risky. We have decided to buy a RV, sell everything, quit our amazing adult jobs, and go travel the United States. I mean, why the heck not? We are young, healthy, able adults. We have no children, no real property, and no real hangs ups in life. Now or never.

You may be wondering how two equally amazing individuals met…so I will tell you. We both were born and raised 5 miles from each other in Florida. We met over ten years ago through church and became friends. Life will be life and after high school, we didn’t really know each other anymore. Three years ago, we found each other again. To say that we were inseparable would be an understatement. We both discovered that we loved to go on adventures and that was the beginning of the rest of our lives together. We clicked and understood each other. Our passions for exploration and travel, our desires to experience different cultures and meet new people, seemed to fit each other perfectly. We would always go and find new places within Florida and always try to find an excuse to see another state. That love for adventure, our love for God, and the love for each other landed us a marriage in October 2017. And now in 2019, that same passion for the unknown has landed us this opportunity.

Okay, I’m done with the boring stuff. We met, we fell in love, got married, and now here we are. You may learn from reading and watching us, that my husband is a bit of a salesman. He gets this expression on his face and I know exactly where he is going with it. I call it his “shit eating grin”. You could say that he got that same facial expression on his face when it came to this trip. When we first started dating, we were coming home from a weekend trip away. He looked at me and gave me that big grin. “Let’s do this on a bigger scale. One day, lets get a RV and go travel around America.” Not really sure if it would actually go anywhere, I agreed. That’s where this dream started. Alec and his big, crazy ideas. A week later, we had a shared bank account and have been saving everything since. Money from selling our belongings, electrical jobs, wedding money, gift money, work money….all into savings. We wanted enough money to travel, enough money to settle down afterwards, and enough money to get myself a new car. Our plans is go see the beauty of America and also visit places we are interested in settling down in. And now years later, I’m here sitting down at my favorite coffee shop writing this. We are only weeks away from leaving Florida to go experience a dream we had years ago. It is crazy how life works sometimes.

This is our new baby, Callie the Caravan.

Alec wanted to name the RV Calico. We settled for Callie for short. Marriage is all about compromise after all. We got very lucky with this purchase. Aerolite RV, 21 feet long, with two slide outs of both sides of the RV. It came with new tires, a new tv, and a new battery. Because of the two slide outs, we have a good amount of space. It even comes with an island sink/storage area. Yes, I know what you’re thinking. I’m sure that we will get sick of each other in such a small space. That’s the risk that we we are willing to take. Best friends can get annoyed with each other sometimes too, you guys. I’m sure some sort of RV tour will be coming soon, courtesy of Alec.

March 1, we are setting out on our big adventure. We are about a month away and it still doesn’t seem real. So, this is the beginning. These are my thoughts before we leave. 2019 should be an amazing year of growth and challenge. Here we go.

Welcome to our blog,

Brenchley Travels

Natalie and Alec Brenchley.

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